Shorter Courses

Don't have time for a month long course?

I also run five day courses (and occasional shorter ones too) for a maximum of five people at a time. If you can get a group of friends together, dates can be arranged to suit you.

Such small groups allow you to benefit from individual attention, and have the content of your course tailored to your requirements.

Who are they for?

My short courses are individually designed around you and your group, whether you're absolute beginners, approaching retirement, a group of male friends who'd like to be able survive without culinary support, or just pursuing a new interest.

There's no doubt these courses can be gently competitive, but even in the case of soufflés, size isn't everything…

I can also work with corporate clients to offer focused team-building courses.

Finally, I sometimes run "Masterclasses" for experienced cooks who don't have time for a full month but want to top up their skills in one or two areas.This works best if they can put a small group together.

What will you get out of one of my short courses?

Whatever your age, a short cookery course is a great way to gain a new life skill, develop your confidence in the kitchen, and have huge amounts of fun at the same time.

Being with your friends doing something completely different from everyday life is a real luxury, you'll be so glad you found the time.

You could learn to plan your menus and your shopping, eat better for less money and maybe eat more healthily as well - though that will depend on what you choose to cook!

We can also arrange excellent tutored wine tastings, either on their own or as part of your course. These are hosted by an experienced local wine expert with wide knowledge, great teaching skills, and close connections with a small Champagne grower in Epernay.

Finally, we'll do our best to make you really welcome and comfortable in true Penny's Mill style. And if you'd like to check us out first, remember that we now offer very special Bed & Breakfast! Details are on our separate "Stay at Penny's Mill" website, which includes many more images of the Mill, its bedrooms and the gardens.

What will it cost?

Shorter courses are from £80.00 per person, per day excluding accommodation.

The exact price depends on your requirements, so if you'd like to get a group together, please call me so we can plan something to suit your needs and budget.

The cost of Wine Tastings varies according to the wines and the numbers involved - please ask for a quotation.

Some people like to bring their own wines for the course, and choose them carefully to accompany the menus.

"That was one fantastic week"

"It was 'life changing'. Truly was - and thanks to Chef for the preparation, organisation, unending patience, teaching excellence, enthusiasm and endurance in the face of five elder children determined to absorb some culinary excellence and prove that it could be real fun - albeit occasionally teetering over the edge into exultant mania..." Eddie (pictured left, with his rolls)

"It was a wonderful week away from the day to day pressures of work, and you both made our stay so memorable. Going back to school has never been such fun" Nick

"Thank you for such a wonderful week! We learnt an awful lot in very happy and relaxed surroundings" Martin

"Binned Delia, put Rosie's file in the gap… That was one fantastic week" Nigel